It is estimated, around 50% of economic output and 85% of employment in Africa are generated in the informal sector.


A resilient and productive informal sector that puts workers on a sustainable pathway to better livelihoods.


The traditional “one fits all” communication approach are unsuitable for more than 54% of Africa’s trading market with an estimated trading value of $25 billion.

We are an “in-line” communication agency that specialises in creative campaign execution, management, production, procurement, roll-out and implementation of campaigns in the formal and informal retail markets in Africa.

In-line communication is when a sound marketing strategy and communication campaigns are in line with the intended target market, e.g. geographical, cultural, nationality, gender, structural, rather than the conventional view of “one fits all” approach.


The traditional ‘one fits all’ communication approach are unsuitable for more than 54% of Africa’s trading market.


Our strengths are to adapt to, and translate design-led communication into a simple and clear understanding aimed at the intended target market.

Our success is based on creative execution of a sound strategy.

We develop design-led communication for Africa. This is reinforced by our 6 cornerstones namely – design-led communication, branding in all forms, retail space and furniture design, pack and product, digital communication effectiveness and production and process management

Our results are based on strictly adhering to the abovementioned and the philosophy to stay as informal and flexible as the market we are targeting.

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What is a Brand Framework?

A brand framework is a conceptual structure that serves as a supporting tool that guides the creation and management of brand assets. It acts as a starting point and a frame of reference for the creation of all brand communication. It isn’t a manual or guideline document outlining the usage of your brand assets.

A framework is so much more compelling than a process, and are more powerful as they provide guidance whilst being flexible enough to adapt to changing conditions, new discoveries and insights while using proven approaches to brand development.

Processes create uniformity, frameworks create uniqueness.

Framework for Successful Brand Strategies

There are a lot of different brand strategies and approaches a company can take, but there is no exact strategy that fits all. At the core, here is a framework that can be applied when developing the creative executions and solutions. Ours or clients’.

Have A Clear Mission & Objective

Whether it’s the corporate brand or product branding, all branding strategies must have a clearly defined mission and overall objective. Why should people trust your brand? Why should they become loyal customers? What problems do we solve? What is our story?

Develop Consistent Messaging

The words, the mission statement, the colours, the tone of voice, the imagery — everything needs to connect and align.

Find Your Target Brand Audience

Building a customer or buyer persona is critical to your brand strategy. It will steer your brand’s visuals, emotional connection, and messaging.

Active Employees as the Face of the Brand

While your company’s branding is important to attract customers and prospects, it also needs to be attractive to your employees & needs them to believe in the mission and value of the brand. It’s what motivates them to come to work, be highly productive, and be engaged with their work.

Competitive Awareness & Analysis

A section to understanding competitors and analysing their branding.  Monitor as needed, but focus more on what your company is doing and how the brand can continually grow.


In order to execute, deliver and be in-line at all levels of what the various markets require we make use of our 6 cornerstones namely –

Design led communication.

Expressing the brand and communication strategy through visual design. Making full use of the brand assets name, logo, colour, style device, tonality and brand imagery.
This strengthens the visual impact to achieve maximum stand out.

Branding in all forms.

From name generation, identity development including new identify to a brand refresh. Co branding from TV to packaging. Communication tool kits. – Product and Identity guidelines. – Brand management tool sets and brand health check.

Retail & commercial – Spacial branding.

The main priority of retail stores is to offer an unforgettable customer brand experience.

Our scope covers store design, temporary to permanent product display furniture, communication structure and system to maximize brand presence.

Signage/wayfinding Programmes:

We work with our clients to craft the associations people perceive in a brand and its environments.

We believe a brand does not have a beginning or an end. Wayfinding and signage form a very important part of the visual brand. Whether in a store, urban roads, hotel or at a resort, the way we see way-finding/signage is, it encompasses all of the ways in which people orient themselves in a physical space mentally to navigate successfully from place to place and shelf to shelf. Signage is one of the elements used in way-finding. Please contact us for more information regarding branded signage/wayfinding programmes.

Pack & Products in all forms.

Branding seeks to provide a unique identity to a product and to make it different from other products in the market.

Our packaging design dash board process allows us to get a full 360 view on the proposition, price, packaging, place, promotion, trends, shopper and route to market.

Digital Effectiveness.

The digital world of e-commerce and digital campaigns. We utilise the most effective digital platforms to reach specific audiences and KPIs for measurable return on investment. As a design led communication agency, we ensure the brand’s consistency on
any communication channels.


We base our success on our ability to manage from end to end – from briefing, design, production to implementation.


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