The brand and brand identity is more enduring than brand positioning and more adaptable and multi-faceted than value proposition. You need ownership and consistency across all communication channels in defining purpose. Branding is a business process. One that is planned, strategically aligned and integrated throughout the organisation.


A brand strategy establishes the direction, leadership, clarity of purpose, inspiration and energy of a company’s critical asset, its brand. A powerful strategy will fail if not executed effectively and consistently.

In our experience, brand strategy is not always delivered by a single division of the business and the various strategies do not always align and often are not possible to execute, resulting in a communication disconnect. Strategy must be multi-faceted and adaptable to changing market conditions. Multiple strategies are required across business segments, each with a single executable focus.


Brand culture is the value system and basic principles on which a brand bases its behaviour. There is an intimate connection between a brand’s culture and its (the) organisation. We evaluate this against communication strategy and creative execution.

We give you the tools needed to build brands. This allows for planning, training and implementation, both internal and external. Post brand implementation, we monitor and assess the experienced brand. The brand is managed across multiple platforms and suppliers ensuring brand consistency.