Spatial Branding


Frameworks proven expertise in brand image building and environment branding will help you evolve your neutral areas into brand spaces. Interiors enable you to bring new layers to your brands.

Offline and online identity are vital components of brand presence, and it is as important for bricks and mortar locations or stores to reflect the brand’s values. Spatial branding can drive loyalty with internal stakeholders and team members and build connection with external visitors and customers.


Our spatial design capabilities include offices, factories, visitor centres, restaurants and retail environments. Whatever the shape and size, we design spaces that help users interact with your brand in a meaningful way.

Our high-impact spatial branding creates corporate environments that vibrantly engage staff and visitors whilst bringing brands to life.

Spatial branding calls for diverse skills. Our strategists start by conducting research, study and analyse the product/service, the market, needs and objectives. Specialities such as architecture, interior design, landscape design, graphic design and construction then come into play.


We offer the complete spatial design solution – concept to commissioning.

Our team of space design specialists not only understands branding requirements, but have the imagination and creativity to dynamically extend the brand to the spatial realm.

Post concept and design approval, the Framework team transforms the blueprints into physical installations with sound knowledge in materials, techniques and project execution to final delivery. Proficiently, on time and in budget.